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Broadsword Charters Ltd. is located in

Troon Yacht Haven
Harbour Road
Troon, Ayrshire, KA10 6DJ

Tel/Fax: 01292 315492
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Yacht Charter

Yacht sailing in the evening

Holiday Yacht Charter

Broadsword is available fully staffed with a Professional Yachtmaster and one crew who are able to teach your party the basics of handling a yacht under sail, anchoring, mooring, navigation, seamanship skills and safety. Broadsword is offered as skippered charter for up to 6 guests in 3 comfortable cabins. Charter can be for any period of time from 1 day upward to two weeks or longer as required and are normally ex-Troon, but the departure point and arrival destination may be varied by arrangement.

Special Events/Anniversaries

If you and your friends or family have a special event to celebrate what could be better than to spend it aboard a luxurious yacht, enjoying the sailing, scenery, wonderful food and beverages. We can tailor a package to suit your needs and budget. Single day or weekend events can be arranged and we are happy to arrange accommodation ashore if required.

Corporate Yacht Charter

Yacht chartering for corporate

A day on the water is a perfect way to entertain important clients or reward your hard-working staff for their professionalism. We are able to offer a wide variety of corporate events for those seeking sheer indulgence. No sailing experience is required - in fact most of our guests have not been sailing before and the experience we offer generates a huge sense of achievement and participation in an event where teamwork is the key to success. Broadsword is designed and built for indulgence and is ideal for providing a luxurious level of comfort for your most important clients.

Guests can choose to sit back in comfort and enjoy the cruise or take an active part in the sailing of the yacht. Our experience has taught us that the more our clients do aboard the yacht, the greater is their enjoyment and sense of fulfilment.

Team Building

A yacht is an excellent team-building platform. Sailing relies heavily on teamwork and co-operation between crew and skipper to sail the yacht effectively. Working together to combine each person's strengths and talents, we can mould a group of unskilled individuals into a cohesive unit, capable of handling the yacht well in a range of diverse situations.

Take your staff beyond their comfort zone, into an unfamiliar environment and watch them respond to challenges. Sailing is not just about physique and strength, though there are sails to be pulled in using modern mechanical aids. It requires strategical, logical thinking to set about tasks in a manner designed to achieve success. At times it is so much more brain than brawn.

Yacht management afloat is the perfect vehicle to bring out the best in your staff and colleagues. Observe those who thrive on challenge and respond well to problem solving. Watch new leaders emerge from the pack and see at first hand those who communicate their ideas most effectively.